Remote Monitoring and Management

Our Rockthorn Remote Monitoring and Management services are designed to add value to your operations. Given the crucial role of your systems, any problem or event can disrupt your operations and lead to lost productivity, dissatisfied customers, and missed business opportunities. At Rockthorn, we make it our priority to ensure your computer systems are secure, operating at peak efficiency, and monitored for business continuity. We lower your risks and identify any issues before they develop.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Apply Software Updates

Expect continuous remote monitoring and ongoing software updates including cyberattack prevention to keep your systems in perfect operating condition.

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Asset Tracking

With our expert remote management suite, your IT systems and components undergo a continuous inventory . Every system, every detail, is tracked for safekeeping.

Computer Security

Your computer security is handled with a carefully planned strategy, as we monitor every facet of your IT infrastructure in our to prevent a cyber attack or unwanted event.


We ensure regular live performance checks and analyze unusual patterns and data trends before they become productivity issues.

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