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Technological advancements have changed not only how employees perform their jobs but also how they communicate and collaborate with each other and with customers. Employees rely on phone calls, email, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, voice over IP (VoIP), mobility solutions and other forms of communication and collaboration. The integration of these services is often referred to as unified communications. It is important to select the right tools, monitor systems, create policies to properly govern usage, and maintain optimum uptime.

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Communication and collaboration tools are as diverse as the information they are designed to handle. Email systems can be on-premises or in the cloud. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing services are available using standalone programs, cloud services, or software suites. Phone services can be delivered through traditional phone carriers, cable service providers, or phone networks.

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Create Policies Governing the Use of Your Tools

Communication and collaboration systems are powerful tools, so it is important to create policies that provide guidance to prevent misuse. Policies regarding conduct when using email, messaging or social media tools are important to protect your liability. While we are not able to provide legal advice, we can offer insights into why having a policy is crucial:

Monitor and Manage the Tools

Communication and collaboration systems are not set-and-forget tools. They need to be monitored and managed. Some examples of regular activities that we can perform for you:

Communicate and Collaborate with Ease

Communication and collaboration tools make it easier for employees and leaders to do their jobs—and our experts can simplify the process by remotely monitoring and managing the systems you currently have in place.

We can help you select and install new communication and collaboration tools, including setting up a unified communications solution.

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