Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Rockthorn Data Backup and Disaster Recovery services prevent system downtime, protect your assets in the case of an unexpected disaster, and ensure business continuity when events do occur. This facet of IT is one of the most important in the protection of your company, as data is generally the core of your foundation. Advancing technologies also present new cybersecurity concerns, and Rockthorn is prepared with the data backup and disaster recovery options that align with your business needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Full Data Recovery Suite

You receive a full recovery suite to handle backup data on every system and device in the case data is lost or compromised in any way.

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Business Continuity

We do everything we can to support your business continuity, and data backups and disaster recovery plans are one of the best insurance policies.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand your customers are also an important asset, and our disaster recovery plan is designed to support customer satisfaction.

On-Premise and Cloud Options

When you need a data backup and disaster recovery plan that aligns with your unique business scenario, Rockthorn has options.

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